Image consultation and body type analysis

Do you know the feeling when you buy something pretty in the store and you end up never wearing it?

Are you befuddled in front of your wardrobe what to wear because you think nothing fits you perfectly? Are you shifting roles from mom to working woman or vice versa and you need different set of clothes? Do you have difficulties to combine accessories with your outfits? Are you curious how can we, professional image consultants help you in order to show off with the best version of yourself?

If your answer is YES, you are the right place.

After our image consultation and body type analysis session you will gain knowledge that will enhance the way you dress and shop for the rest of your life. We discover with you:

  • which dress lines and cuts you need to look for
  • what body type you represent and what are your body proportions
  • your best accessories and how to combine them with your outfits
  • your best choices in your investment pieces: jeans, blazer, coats, etc.
  • the right patterns and textures to develop and complement your personal style
  • the optimal style and size of your bag for your height
  • the most comfortable and practical shoe style and color that goes with your wardrobe and also fits your unique lifestyle

This service helps you to create your wardrobe where everything goes with everything, so you save time, money and energy at your next shopping trip. Purchasing new clothes becomes a fun and creative exercise rather than a frustrating task.

WHERE: ColourMyStyle Showroom (1126, Budapest, Márvány utca 33. 2nd floor on the left, ring bell 16)

DURATION: 1.5 hours

PRICE: HUF 59.900

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