Personal Color Analysis Workshop

Come and join us for a personal color analysis workshop and get to know how you can shine and feel confident wearing the right colors!

Did you know that if you use the right colors close to your face, your eyes begin to sparkle, your face becomes more alive, your whole appearance just looks so put together? This way, you feel more confident, and you may recieve more compliments from people who notice the changes you made.

This is a one-time investment in yourself that will change the way you look at yourself and your wardrobe. We guarantee that a personal color analysis workshop gives you the right set of tools for successfully choosing the best clothes, make-up and accessories for your future wardrobe.

After the workshop you will understand:

  1. which colors flatter you the most
  2. which color combinations work the best for you
  3. what make-up colors you should use
  4. what kind of accessories match your whole appearance

During the workshop we also determine which signature ColourMyStyle earrings are the best for you and you can bring home your favorite pair.

We cap the number of participants at 3 people, so everyone will get enough time and attention during her color journey.

The duration of the workshop: 5 hours, so each participant gets almost 2 hours of individual attention.

The location of the workshop: ColourMyStyle Showroom (1126, Budapest Márvány utca 33. 2nd floor on the left, ring bell 16)

The price of a Personal Color Workshop is: HUF 44.900/per person. The fee should be paid in advance in order to secure your space.

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