Personal shopping

Having trouble picking the right and matching clothes? You always end up buying pieces you seldom wear? In this case, you might need professional help to stock up your wardrobe. We often see how difficult it can be to find the right color for clothes especially in a store setting with artificial lights. Let us accompany you and pick the right pieces for you.

Ideally there is a personal color analysis before a personal shopping service to really know your color palette before you start investing into your new wardrobe essentials. Since the store lighting can be deceiving, it is important to know which color type you truly represent.

What we always consider in the process of creating your unique capsule wardrobe:

  • your existing wardrobe
  • your lifestyle
  • pieces you want to invest in
  • your personal style
  • your personality
  • your budget

Surprise your loved one with a personal shopping gift card. Order it by phone: +36-30-597-9988 or by e-mail: These gift cards are valid for 6 months from the beginning of the purchase, so the person needs to contact us within 6 months but he or she can book the appointment outside of this time window.

Our personal shopping service has an hourly flat rate: HUF 24.900/hour

*Cancellation policy: within 48 hours of your appointment: 30.000 Ft and this does not include holidays and weekends.

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