Wardrobe organizing

We recommend you purchase this service after a personal color analysis (or a personal color and image consultation & body type analysis). This way you will gain a better understanding about what to keep in or throw away from your wardrobe.

During the wardrobe organizing session:

  • we go through your whole closet together and you try on everything
  • we explain what to keep based on the color and fit of each piece
  • we make recommendations what needs to be altered by a professional seamstress or should go to charity
  • we give you ideas how to combine different outfits
  • we recommend what to buy at your your next shopping trip to complement your existing wardrobe

Surprise your loved one with a wardrobe organizing gift card. Order it by phone: +36-30-597-9988 or by e-mail: info@colourmystyle.hu. These gift cards are valid for 6 months from the beginning of the purchase, so the person needs to contact us within 6 months but he or she can book the appointment outside of this time window.

The duration of this service depends on the size of your closet, so it has an hourly flat rate: HUF 24.900 /hour

*Cancellation policy: within 48 hours of your appointment: 30.000 Ft and this does not include holidays and weekends.

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